Saturday, December 13, 2008

Look at her!!

I just love who she is has grown into
wish she would embrace the black in her some more though
its still kinda cool to be black


Ok.... so I think the girl is crazy overrated
and she fucking dated Shia Labeouf
but she is beautiful and her fashion stylist is pretty cool


How FAB!!
is this not a great photo!!
fashion and sex!!
the two best things in life. 
how you all enjoy this pic

Friday, December 12, 2008

Damn Amy...

I don't have much to say
because this is so hard for me
I love Amy's music...
but damn.... why does she look like she lives off of Edgewood!!

This is for my hommie Bettie.. R.I.P

what the shit....
Bettie Page is dead!!
who is going to be our new pin up icon???
I hope not!!!
I know heaven has way more wine then earth so rock on Bettie
Rock on

Thursday, December 11, 2008

so... If Rihanna was smart... she would stop this girl

I know this is old news
but i just love this girls version of Umbrella!!
its so sweet and lovely
the song has great meaning
and this girl made it into what it should have been
not a pop song
but a love song!!!
you go girl
seriously Rihanna you need to ask them to take this off youtube.. cause you know she can sing and you can't
oh yeah her name is Marie Bigby

New Commercial Sean John I am King Fragance is a hot low budget mess!!!

This commercial is so low budget
its pretty funny.
I was on the phone with my best friend Quita( hey boo)
and we both thought it was a joke
or a project that went wrong on one of his reality shows!!
WTF!!! happen when you decided to use such a low budget camera.
Seriously Girls Gone Wild presents better then this
and once again... damn Diddy, Black girls don't get any love in your ads...
another one for the sisters.....